Does your son or daughter play video games all day?

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If Your Child Plays Video Games All Day

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Hi my name is Eric Siu.

And between the ages of 8 and 22 I was obsessed with video games.

It got so bad...

I wouldn’t talk to my parents for days.

My parents would hide my controller, keyboard, and mouse...

But that only made the problem worse...

It caused fights and frustration. 

You could feel the tension.

Worse yet...

I almost got kicked out of high school and college…

I was fired from two jobs...

I was never good at dating…

And I was seen as someone who "didn't have anything going for him.”

My parents blamed video games...

But what my parents didn't realize is...

In the gaming world I was making friends, having fun, and contributing  to something BIGGER than myself

And chances are…

If your son or daughter plays a lot of video games, they feel the same way.

In the gaming world they might be winning championships…

Playing with the best teams…

And accomplishing feats that most people could only dream of.

But in real life not so much.

That’s why they spends so many hours in front of the TV or computer…

And why any attempt to make them stop can lead to fighting.

Taking away your child's video games will only make the problem worse.

Being deprived of gaming only makes your son or daughter want to play more. 

This will often lead to resentment and misbehavior.

Before long you’ll start to feel...
  • ​Stressed
  • ​Anxious
  • ​Helpless
  • ​Tired
  • ​Frustrated
And now screens are everywhere: 

iPads, iPhones, Xboxes, Playstations, PCs… it’s impossible to run from.

That’s why as parents today, you're fighting an uphill battle…

But believe me, it gets better.

You can take a positive approach to your child's gaming habit…

... And they will love you for it!

Here’s how:

Approaching the Real World Like a Video Game Changed My Life

And It Will Change Your Child's Life Too!

This was a radical mindset shift.
Speaking at a European Tech Conference

Getting a healthy 8 hours of sleep was now a power up

Stepping outside of my comfort zone was now a quest...

And I was hooked! 

Everything became much more fun. My parents saw a real change in me.

This radical mindset shift is how today I run a multimillion dollar marketing agency that has served companies like Amazon and Uber…

And why I now have a portfolio of other businesses under my belt including a software company, a top business podcast, and numerous other investments.

The transformation in me was instant…

The conflict at my house disappeared... 

And I grew much closer with my parents.

That’s why I decided to spend years distilling the strategies that worked for me...

Into a guide you can apply to your household with my new book, Leveling Up

It's the book I wish I had growing up.

And on this page only I want to give you a FREE copy today!


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Inside I outline 15 personal power-ups that will help your son or daughter unlock their passion and level up their life.
Your child will follow the same steps that I used to transform myself.

From academic and social outcast…

… to successful entrepreneur, podcaster, and author.

Simply by applying the ‘gamer’ mindset to real life.

See, I never stop playing video games…

I just started ‘gaming’ in real life. Now I want to pass the torch.

Your son or daughter will love setting quests, goals, and rewards at each level.

Every chapter brings insights and stories, advice from others who have succeeded, and a quest that your son must undertake. 

Master all 15 levels, and they will even unlock a special bonus to help them build the life of their dreams.

Gamers and Parents Love Leveling Up!

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Eric Siu

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